3D visualization
Exterior and interior 3D imaging
We produce images of residential, industrial, office buildings and spaces, landscapes and transportation network design as well from interior and exterior point of view, even areial images.
Our video and animation expert turns our clients visions into a multimedia presentations with 2d graphics and 3d animation. We’re able to simulate lighting conditions, movements and usage of spaces.
360° Panorama and Virtual Reality tour solutions
We are dedicated to providing the best space experience you can perceive of a not yet materialized project. With interactive 360° tour you can freely look around from certain points of the virtual space. For most advanced presentation as a cutting edge technology we bring to life full walk around interiors with our talented VR collaborators.

Design solutions
Interior and furniture design
Our talented architect and interior designer team members provide complete and unique concepts and plans for interior spaces, and as well realistic environment around single product renderings.
Booth design
Thinking out of the box and examining every factor from every perspective is one of our main competency. Creating custom designed stands with creative elements.
GNC-Design focuses on cutting edge 3D graphics of the built environment.

Thanks to our team’s creative imagination, and wide range of experience, we craft state of the arts visualizations in all kind of fields. Our creators with architectural and interior designer background bring to life Your visions with precision and artistic sophistication. If You are considering a unique appearance for your brand, project or development, we invite You to enter our creative world.
If you are considering a professional and unique appearance for your brand, you really should enter our creative world.

As our services we offer interior and exterior images of residential, industrial, office buildings and spaces, landscapes and transportation network. Our visions can be displayed as animation, or other interactive and innovative technologies like in 360° interactive panorama or virtual reality (VR) tour solutions.

Reveal the unseen with " GNC-Design!"


99. Krisztina Krt.
1016 Budapest
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Szabolcs Csányi
Co-founder/ architect
3D specialist

Zsombor Gaál
Co-founder/ architect
3D specialist

Krisztián Gaál
architect / designer
photoshop wizard

Tamás Butora
architect / designer
photoshop wizard

Balázs Magyar
web developer

Balázs Teszár
web developer